Monday, 13 June 2011

Has it really been 6 weeks since my blog??! It has been a crazy time with the hen do, buying a house, ooo and redundancy wedged in there somewhere (great timing, ey!)

Well, the hen do has now been planned, attended and the deposit returned. We had a really great time without no massive hitches which is always good. I would recommend Hulmes Vale Farm cottages for anyone looking for a countryside venue for 12 - 16 people.

Finally got our keys on the 27th May aswell and other than curtains and finishing touches we have decorated 3 rooms, moved a whole house, handed in our keys to our rented property and have a place to call home that actually feels like home.

The redundancy... well that came at a great time, signed for the house on the Monday and found out on the Friday. There is no such thing as great timing though and a month on I am back in employment 4 days a week which will be full time in July after holiday, phew (massive sigh of relief).

So yes, finally a well deserved holiday looms, 1 week today, I canny wait!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

pre-wedding bbq

Less than a week until we head back to Lincolnshire for my dress fitting, Mr N's suit fitting and the pre-wedding bbq. I am not sure where the idea for the pre-wedding bbq originated from but I think it would be a safe guess to assume that my mum and sister were either solely or jointly responsible.

The idea of the pre-wedding event is that all of the bridesmaids, ushers and close family (parents and siblings) will all get together before the wedding so that they are more familiar with one another at the hen and stag do's and the wedding. I am torn between thinking that it is a fantastic idea or just something that adds to the 1000 other jobs that need doing before the W day. Despite my reservations on the extra work it seems to be creating for mum (painting garage doors, gardening and scrubbling the house top to bottom) I am really looking forward to it, a long weekend at home with the parents, a catch up with the sibling and enough food and drink to feed a small army, what is not to look forward to?

Never wanting to show up empty handed, even at the parents and being one that enjoys getting in the kitchen I have started to think about what dessert I could make. What is a good bbq dessert? After a quick look at a few food websites, my favourites being Channel 4 Food and BBC Good Food I found a great selection. So, if you like me are stuck for food inspiration this weekend it is definitely worth having a look. Not sure about this weekend (as I wouldn't want to share!) but the sparkling summer fruit jellies definitely get my vote!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

4 weeks until we get the keys

4 weeks until we get the keys, 8 weeks until our holiday and 12 weeks until the wedding.

Since having the offer accepted on the house in mid Feb my mind has been in overdrive thinking of everything that needed doing before we could move. As I write lists for everything (something I blame my mum for) it was only natural that the first thing I did was grab the nearest pen and paper. Within a day I had compiled a number of lists including one of all the paperwork that needed completed, one of all the furniture that we would want to get rid of and then the fun list - what we needed to buy. I do have a habit of getting excited or as my parents would say "carried away" about most events in my life and buying a house was no exception. Mr N could not walk through the door before being hit with a multitude of questions. "What do you think of teal? Please can I have a whole wall painted in chalk board paint in the kitchen office? How about this bedding set?"

Two and a half months later what used to be an office is now a storage room packed up with boxes, our bedroom is little more than a matress and the corner of the living room is filled with boxes of Myakka furniture and we have decided on the colour schemes. Yes, my getting excited or "carried away" has left us a bit upside down and yet we somehow still have most of the house to pack up.

So, in the next 4 weeks amongst the pre-wedding bbq, hen and stag do's and that little thing called work there is 1 house to pack up and 1 house to semi-decorate and unpack, let the fun commence!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


This feels like a big moment, my first blog post!

So, what is going on in my life at the moment? Well, in the next three months if all goes to plan (which isn't always a given) I will get the keys to my first home, spend a week in Portugal and be Maid of honour at my sisters wedding. These events are bound to be the cause of plenty of laughs, tears and headaches! This blog is going to be an outlet for me and a way to record what is to follow. Welcome to the next three months of my life and depending on how this goes maybe even more.